Respawn will be adjusting these values!

Apex Legends has recently releases their brand new season, and it also comes with the highly anticipated new legend, map and so much more for the high-flying battle royale.

However, one of the largest issues that fans have had with the releases of the new Apex season has been that aim assist has felt significantly stronger in recent days.

Players theorized that Respawn secretly buffed this metric, and it appears they'll be adjusting this value accordingly.

Aim assist being fixed by Respawn

If you're in and around the Apex community, then you're probably aware that aim assist has been notoriously overpowered since the new season released earlier in November.

Fans speculated that either this could've been a mistake, or Respawn accidently buffed this value, as it seemed to be so powerful that it was a massive advantage to controller players.

Respawn has noted the following on Twitter in regards to the eventual fix of aim assist.

"Well, we goofed. With the launch of Escape, aim assist on console was unintentionally set to PC values. It's back to normal now."

So, this has been reverted back, and it's unknown as of now if console player's have noticed a drastic drop-off in their aim assist. But, this was a quick response from Respawn that is appreciated by the community.