Fortnite's on-going partnership with Rocket League has been one of the coolest collaborations in recent years, as we've seen wicked in-game events and rewards for players in the past.

Now, a new set of challenges and rewards are here, and players will be able to earn some outstanding cosmetics for doing some easy challenges!

Here's all you need to know.

All Fortnite X Rocket League Challenges and Rewards

One of the surprising aspects of these new challenges, is the fact that there's no XP challenges for players to earn, instead, there's just cosmetic rewards for players.

You'll have to earn these rewards in the new Rocket League Deathmatch game mode, and all of the challenges are rather easy.

Thanks to iFireMonkey, we have a first look at the challenges and rewards for players to earn, which can be viewed dowm below.

  • Eliminate Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch - 1
    • Golden Goal Spray
  • Eliminate Opponens at the RL Live Deathmatch - 1
    • Regal Rocket Backbling
  • Deal damage to opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch - 1
    • Nice Shot Spray
  • Deal damage to opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch - 1
    • Rocket League Trophy Backbling