Here's all the maps coming to Vanguard!

Call of Duty Vanguard is the latest foray into the Call of Duty franchise, and we're going back to the classic WW2 days.

With this, comes some maps based on the era and Vanguard is no short of stellar maps for player's to check out when the game releases.  

All Vanguard multiplayer maps

When a new Call of Duty releases, player's are more than likely going to want to get a feel for all the maps within the game. This has been a large point of criticism in recent CODs such as Black Ops Cold War, as many through the maps were lackluster compared to previous titles.

Now, Sledgehammer will be taking inspiration from a wide array of settings for Vanguard. as the map pool for release it one of the most expansive we've seen in quite some time.

As noted above, this is one of the larger map pools that've released within a Call of Duty game on launch in numerous year's.

Sledgehammer has detailed the following 16 maps that will release when the game is fully released.

• Battle of Berlin
• Bocage
• Castle
• Das Haus
• Decoy
• Demyansk
• Desert Siege
• Dome
• Eagle’s Nest
• Gavutu
• Hotel Royale
• Numa Numa
• Oasis
• Red Star
• Sub Pens
• Tuscan

If you're also wondering what these maps will look like, we have some images that we'll post below of some of these.