Apex Legends Season 12 has launched worldwide and with Apex just hitting its most active players on Steam ever, its safe to say the games in a good spot as of now.

Now, there's been a massive data mine that's allowed players to get insights into all the upcoming content for Apex, with one of the leaks containing content surrounding future game modes!

Capture The Flag And Firing Range Modes Leaked For Apex Legends

Leaks are something we're all aware of when it comes to games and espicially ones pertaining to Apex Legends.

This new data mine is one of the largest we've seen in Apex history we beleive, as it outlines numerous features coming to the game.

First we have a new map, new legends and brand new weapons that Respawn are all working on for the future. Now, one of the leaks that has gone under the window is perhaps a Capture the Flag game mode and Firing Range rework coming soon!

Since the datamine, we've seen the files re-uploaded on burner Reddit accounts and a massive file share has been posted that contains all the details on the leaks noted above.

One of the videos in said file notes "The flag for Capture the Flag" which bascially confirms the game modes exsistance.

So, we'll have to wait and see when they're intending on releasing this game mode, as Control was one of the best moments for Apex and it be nice to see a new game mode in Season 13!