Apex Legends Season 12 has launched worldwide and with Apex just hitting its most active players on Steam ever, its safe to say the games in a good spot as of now.

Now, there's been a massive data mine that's allowed players to get insights into all the upcoming content for Apex, including all the future characters.

Apex Legends Datamine Has Leaked 9 Charcters

Leaks are something we're all aware of when it comes to games and espicially ones pertaining to Apex Legends.

This new data mine is one of the largest we've seen in quite some time, as it notes the nine new Legends that Respawn have planned for Apex.  

The names of the new Legends are as follows.

  • Newcastle
  • Conduit
  • Scryer
  • Uplink
  • Vantage
  • Catalyst
  • Phantom
  • Jester
  • Caliber

As well, you can view some gameplay of the new Legends down below!