Apex Legends has been constantly releasing legends every season for the last three years since it was released.

But, with so many new Legend's joining the field, some Apex players are worried that old Legend's aren't going to get the reworks that they deserve!

Apex Fans Are Crying Out For This Legend To Be Reworked

This community discussion comes off the tail-end of an interview Dexerto conducted with Respawn themselves, and one of the main notes is how Respawn are aware that they may need to hault releasing Legends at some point.

This quickly sparked community discourse, with numerous fans noting how they should just rework Legends instead of adding new ones.

One user noted how:

"We don't need new legends we need some of the older legends to be reworked into ones worth using. No more 10 second cooldown tweaks, decreased time to detonation(i.e. Bang), no more tiny changes that don't change anything. Give them meaningful passives and abilities."

This is fantastic, and some other hopefuls posted some suggestions to Legends that need to be reworked such as Wraith, Mirage, Lifeline and more!