Fright or Flight!

The Halloween season is drawing near and Apex Legends will once again join in with its famous Fight Or Freight event to celebrate this spooky occassion.

It's a big occassion as there's new skins and gamemodes to experience over the span of a week.

Here's what we know about Apex Legend's Fight or Freight event for 2021.

Release Date

Apex's Fight or Fright 2021 event begins on the 12th October according to Shrugtal.

This will be the final event of Season 10.

Shadow Royale

A new event is far from shy in terms of content for Apex Legends, and Respawn typically go all out when implementing content for players to dive into.

One of the shining stars for last year's event was the new game mode called Shadow Royale; which is touted to return. It's big calling-card was the fact that it allowed players to wall-run similar to how they would in Titanfall.

In Shadow Royale, players will continue to respawn as long as one squad member remains alive. Respawning teammates will come back in Shadow forms. They won’t be able to carry weapons but can wall-run, punch and kick enemies, and revive downed teammates.

Along with the mode, players can expect a night-time version of a map to appear. While previous years have all taken place on Kings Canyon, the three maps now available mean that there’s the potential for either World’s Edge or Olympus to get a Halloween makeover. Shadow Royale is a frantic, fan-favourite mode, and while no official word has come from Respawn, multiple dataminers such as Shrugtal and Garrett have claimed that Shadow Royale will return. 


Accordng to Dataminers, we'll be seeing the return of "original skins" in bundles as well as new ones incuding 4 legendaries and some epics.

Shrugtal suggests that we’ll get epic skins for Bloodhound, Caustic, Revenant, and Seer. These skins will be appropriately themed, as Revenant will feature as a werewolf and Seer will be a vampire. To go along with the epic skins, each Legend will get an accompanying weapon skin. These will cover the Hemlok for Seer, the Spitfire for Revenant, the R-99 for Caustic, and the R-301 for Bloodhound. To complete the look of the epic Legends, each will get a movie-themed banner.

Other skins will reportedly cover Legends such as Loba, Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Horizon, and Wraith. These Legends will also come with their own weapon charms. Each of the featured Legends will add new trackers to their collection.

Almost all of the skins are paid cosmetics. However, as part of the event’s challenge tracks, players will be able to pick up a variety of holosprays and trackers as well as the new Loba skin for free.

The “Monsters Within” skin sets will arrive at the beginning of the event on October 12.