Apex Legends has been constantly releasing legends every season for the last three years since it was released.

With around 3-4 new Legends coming in the span of a year, they've all added something new to the game, but this could be slowing down in the near future.

Apex May Slow Down Legend Releases

While its great to see the developers maintain the consistency to release a brand new Legend every season, they can only do this for so long, and it appears they're aware of this and how it may come one day.

In an interview with Dexerto, and AlphaINTEL on Twitter the developers stated "Whether or not that pattern continues is an ongoing discussion, and it might not be changed, but we don't want to saturate the pool [of Legends]."

Respawn also noted how they're looking out for the "Breaking Point" in terms of how many Legends they have within the game.

So, we'll have to wait and see if future Legends impact the game as drastically as Respawn note they might.