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Apex Legends Season 13 has now released, and with players diving back into the game, there's been some nifty tricks that players have uncovered for certain legends.

Crypto for example, has been played a decent amount since the new season released, but some players are still wanting a bit more out of his kit.

So, they've come up with an amazing concept that they'd like to see within the game!

New Apex Legends Crypto Hack Concept Could Break The Game

It's not uncommon for fans of Apex to devise new concepts for legends they think are underpowered from time to time, and we've seen lots for Crypto in recent months.

While the legend just recieved an update in terms of his abilties, players aren't too satisfied with his passive ability still.

So, Reddit user GooComedian, created a in-depth post detailing that they want Crypto's passive to allow him to essentially hack every object on the map to be used for certain scenarios.

Whether it's hacking the vehicles on the map or the NPCs now on Storm Point, this is an amazing concept that is quite complex.

While we doubt Respawn are going to actually consider these changes in full, they might take one or two of these ideas and discuss it among the team!