A new exploit is here

Apex Legends Season 12 has launched worldwide and with Apex just hitting its most active players on Steam ever, its safe to say the games in a good spot as of now.

With the season undergoing some amazing updates including the Anniversary event, there's also been some glitches and exploits that have surfaced over the season.

A brand new Healing one is here, and this may be the worst we've seen this season.

New Apex Legends Healing Exploit Is Ruining The Game

For those out of the loop, there have been quite a few exploits and glitches in recen weeks, from infinite ramapage and sentinel charges to now, a brand new healing one.

This one will allow players to heal while they're in portals while moving around the map, which is quite broken if you ask us.

All you really need to do by the looks of it, is it hang off of an edge and swap attachements between two weapons and it should be enabled!