Apex Legends Season 13 has now released, and with players diving back into the game, there's been some game breaking bugs that have upset players since the season launched.

One of these bugs has to do with Newcastle, the brand new Legend to join the crew within the game, and this one has allowed players to traverse 200 meters across Storm Point!

New Apex Legend Newcastle Has A Broken 200m Movement Trick

This exploit was posted by YouTuber, RossTheeSquirrel, who noted how players are able to go up to 200 meters with Newcastle's Ultimate Ability if located in the right direction.

Normally, this Ultimate wouldn't go nearly as far, as it typically sends players around 30-35 meters. But, the glitch has to do with the ability to launch yourself towards your teammates death box, no matter the height or distance.

For instance, in the following video posted by RossTheeSquirrel, they showcase how they can nearly fly into the sky by pointing the Ultimate at a deathbox.

We can assume this issue is going to be looked at within the coming weeks, but for now, it seems pretty broken.