The original developers behind Left 4 Dead have finally released their spiritual successor to the series 'Back 4 Blood'.

Introducing a number of characters called 'Cleaners', players can mix up their playstyle and who they want to be for the ultimate undead slaying spree.

Here's how to unlock all characters and change your character in Back 4 Blood.

How To Unlock And Change Characters In Back 4 Blood

Unlocking Characters

Unlike the Left 4 Dead games that took over the gaming world when they released back in the late 2000s, Back 4 Blood offers eight playable characters for player's to take control of during the game.

However, at the start of the game you'll only be able to play from a select few character's, so you may be wondering how you'll be able to unlock the remaining four.

All you'll need to do is to play through the entirety of the first Act, and then you'll be able to pick and choose from all eight characters.

If you're playing in Solo Mode, currently, you can not unlock further characters

Changing Characters

Players who have bought a special edition of the game will already have some customisations customisation options available. Others will have to unlock new outfits and clothing items first by completing supply lines.

To change the appearance, bring up the menu when in Fort Hope, navigate to the 'Cleaners' tab; here, you can select the character you want to customise. With Outfit selected, you can change between any outfit you’ve unlocked via the outfit box.

Select ‘Item Set’ for further customisation - this will allow you to create your own look from separate items placed on your head, body and legs.

Weapon skins can also be unlocked by completing supply lines, which can then be applied to your guns in the ‘Armory’ tab.

Keep in mind, B4B offers a unique card system that is different for each character. So you'll have the chance to swap out character's to see which one is best suited for your playstyle.