Easy Levels

Battlefield 2042 is finally here all across the world, and players have been diving into the release of the game, allbeit, with many getting distracted by Halo on the side.

The game dosen't feature a battle pass as of now, but like any other Battlefield title, players will be able to unlock weapons among other things via leveling up.

We're going to run over some of the ways we can recommend in order to level up fast.

Battlefield 2042 How To Level Up Fast

Battlefield has always been a title that has stayed the course when it comes to traditional leveling up systems.

Over the course of the 100 or so levels, you'll be able to unlock not only weapons, but towards the latter stages of the levels, exclusive skins and other cosmetic items wil be up for grabs.

Below is a short little list of some of the ways that are easy to complete, in order to level up your character fast:

  • Kills, and Assists
  • Play The Objective
    • Flag Captures, Point Captures, etc
  • Certain medals such as Headshots, saviour, medic, etc