The latest entry into the legendary Battlefield series is one that fans have been waiting nearly three year's for, but finally, Battlefield 2042 is here.

While the game isn't perfect, there's a ton of exciting new features that they've added into the game this time around.

One aspect that hasn't changed is the ability to revive your teammates and we're going to run over how you'll be able to do this.

Battlefield 2042 How To Revive

The formula for reviving someone hasn't changed in EA's latest forray into the FPS series, so players who have had some experience in previous titles are well aware.

In case some of you aren't aware, you're going to need to be playing one of the two Medic classes within the game.

Constantin Anghel and Maria Falck are the only characters within the game that are able to revive downed allies during a match.

If you're playing as one of these specialists, then all you need to do is to head over to some dowed allies which is marked on the map and hold your interact key to get them back into action.

This is more than likely going to be your X or Square button on console and E if you're playing on PC.