Santa Klaus is coming, to town

Mauer Der Toten pulls Zombies into the spotlight once again as Cold War's latest update sees our heroes move to Berlin.

Klaus, the friendly neighbourhood robot, provides a helping hand to players in distress from the undead army.

But how can you get him to work for you? Here's how to craft Klaus.

How To Craft Klaus In Mauer Der Toten

Turn On The Power And Pack-A-Punch

Before you get anywhere, you'll need to turn on the power and activate Pack-A-Punch. You won't be able to use Klaus without the power and Pack-A-Punch is needed for one of the steps.

Check out our guide to doing this here.

Find Three Parts For Klaus

Like most craftables, Klaus requires three parts to make him fully work. These are scattered around the map.

The first part is a Microwave Dish, which is found near the Pack-A-Punch machine. On opposite sides of the PAP machine are watch towers and below them are Debris Piles.

Go up to these various Debris Piles and interact with them to reveal a few goodies and eventually one will produce the Microwave Dish.

Next, you'll want to go to the PAP machine and get the Brain Rot Ammo Mod. Then, head to Hotel Room 305 and you'll spot a barricaded door that looks a bit suspect.

Shoot a zombie to Brain Rot it and it will start tearing down the barricade. You'll then be able to enter the room. You'll spot a dead body on the bed with Robotic Hands wrapped around it's neck.

The final part requires you to get to round 10 and fight a Krasny Soldat. Once killed, it will drop the final piece - a Battery.

Craft Klaus

Make your way to the Garment Factory and you will be able to install the Microwave Dish on the Upgrade Station.

Head to the Safe House and find Klauses body and install the Robotic Hands and Battery.

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