New details have emerged!

Warzone 2 is the next iteration of the battle royale, and with Infinity Ward pulling out the red carpet to reveal the game fully, we've got tons to talk about.

One unique aspect surrounding the game mode is how you're actually able to obtain a nuke and end the entire game!

Here's what we know.

How To Get A MGB Tactical Nuke In Warzone 2

The MGB Tactical Nuke is the nuke within the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2, and players would typically need around 30 kills in a row without dying.

Now, Warzone 2 will also feature the nuke, but it won't be related to the amount of kills you get in a row, according to ModernWarzone.

ModernWarzone further noted the following:

"You can nuke the entire battle royale map in #Warzone2. Nobody managed to do it today but we were told that it is possible, although EXTREMELY difficult to pull off."

"It’s not based off of going on a high kill streak. We were told it’s a special contract that doesn’t spawn every game and is extremely difficult to complete."