Vanguard is finally here, and similar to any other Call of Duty, there's a ton of content to dive into on day one.

Now, with the game premiered all around the world, many of you playing on PC are going to want to fine tune your mouse and keyboard settings before jumping into a match.

Best Mouse And Keyboard Settings For Vanguard

Mouse Settings

Depending on your DPI, test out some varying sensitivities to find the one that will allow you to flick from side to side at an optimal speed.  

Besides this, make sure you have settings such as mouse acceleration turned off, as well as mouse smoothing. These are generally two additional settings that won't benefit you too much.

Keyboard Settings

Onto key-binds, below are some that you should test out, as they'll allow you to have certain mechanics on keys that will be easier to hit than others.

  • Reload
    • R
  • Interact
    • E or F
  • Equipment
    • Side Mouse Button or G
  • Sprint
    • Shift
  • Crouch
    • C
  • Melee
    • V or Side Mouse Button
  • Autorun
    • N
  • Prone
    • Z
  • Tactical
    • Q

Alternatively, you can try experimenting with different layouts, such as using your Middle Mouse wheel click to sprint and one of your side buttons on your mouse to crouch/prone to allow for easier slide cancelling.

Most of these keybinds will be useful if you're in a pinch, and our ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro is perhaps the best keyboard to hit these at lighting quick speeds so you can come out on top in Vanguard.