Another glitch is here!

Most Warzone fans are well aware of the games contant breaking glitches that have ruined some players experience with Warzone.

There's been instances of players going invisible, Stim Glitches and so on. Now, there's been a brand new present within Warzone, that allows players to shoot through roofs!

New Warzone Glitch Allows Players To Shoot Through The Roof

The sheer abundance of glitches present within Warzone has slowed down a little bit in recent months. But when new spots do show up on the map, they're pretty overpowered to say the least.

This new one was discovered via Reddit user didonato, who displayed how they were killed in a match, even though they had the high ground over their enemies.

This glitch allows players within certain buildings to see through the roof and kill players who are on top of it, without them even knowing what's going on.

This has occured over multiple parts of the map in Warzone and it's a shame to see, but we're sure this is going to be patched in the coming days.