While Valorant is all about its gunplay and the skill players wield with their weapons, there's a large focus on in-game cosmetics.

The Arcane Sheriff, for those who don't already know, is one of the rarest skins within the game, and also one of the best looking.

We're going to run over if you're still able to obtain this skin, or how players may have one already!

Can You Get The Arcane Sheriff In Valorant?

The Arcane Sheriff was one of the skins as a part of their collaboration with other Riot Games project and flagship animated show, Arcane.

The Sheriff released back in November of 2021 for a two week period in the Valorant store, and players were able to purchase this weapon at the time.

However, since the weapon has released it hasn't appeared in anyones Valorant stores, and it doesn't appear they're ever going to release the skin again.

But, this is all speculation after all, so we could see them re-release it later in the year!