When it comes to tactical FPS games, not many are as highly regarded as Rainbow 6 Siege. The final update for the game titled “Operation High Calibre” hit the test servers on November 9th, with the full release expected to be available sometime in early/mid December of this year. In order to get a better understanding of what’s in store, we wanted to ask top R6 player Coconut Brah what are his top 3 things he’s looking forward to from the update. Read below for this thoughts!

#1: New Operator & Gun

With the new season of Rainbow Six Siege, we are getting a new map rework on Outback as well as a new operator named Thorn, who is bringing an entirely new weapon to Siege. Fans of Siege have been wanting new guns for a while and we’re finally getting one with Thorn’s loadout. Thorn’s loadout has multiple familiar options like deployable cover, barbed wire and secondary weapons like the CZ75 or 1911 but what most people are excited for is the new weapon that Thorn is bringing called the UZK50.

The UZK50 is chambered in .50 and feels similarly to Valkyries MPX but packing a heavier punch. It just feels good while shooting and I can’t wait to get more time with it when the new season drops. The fire rate is slower than a lot of other guns & recoil is pretty easy to control. (hopefully no nerfs come too fast).

Unfortunately, there’s no ACOG on the UZK50 but you’ll have your usual options with 1x sights like the holo, reflex and red dot.

#2: Quality Of Life Changes

The second thing that I’m looking forward to the most are the quality of life changes. Every season we see small tweaks to the game such as minor HUD updates & changes to the main menu interface but this season we are getting a completely reworked HUD and lots of other small tweaks that overall help this game evolve more and more.

The focal point of this HUD change is the new compass that is coming to Siege which not only has a new look but also works in a way that it will display information on different floors and even relay information from pings.

The HUD may look cluttered to some when they first see it but that is easily countered by Ubisoft’s vast options on how you can customize the interface to fit your preference. With everything turned on, there is a lot of unnecessary “stuff” on screen that you can easily disable for a cleaner look. Everything on screen can be very helpful such as what keybinds pull out what gadget etc but if you’re a veteran player, you can easily remove the items on screen that you don’t find necessary.

Besides that we are also getting changes to operators like Finka and her ability to self-revive when downed, step 2 of elite customization which will allow us to customize the portrait and card background and of course, the new Outback rework that is coming in High Calibre!

#3: Future Change Announcements

As a lot of us know, Rainbow Six Siege is now six years old which is pretty rare for games in this day and age so I’m always looking forward to hearing what Ubisoft’s plans for the future are. This season we were teased with updates on matchmaking protection that includes the ability to give yourself a nickname in game to remain anonymous, Ubisoft teased exotic weapons that will be coming to Siege which are animated weapon skins and recently, the senior community developer @MrPope tweeted a reply saying that there is a blog coming that will have the next steps they are going to take against cheaters. Cheating is a problem that has hit Siege pretty hard so this is going to have a lot of eyes on it when released and I know a lot of people are also looking forward to hearing how they plan on taking this issue on.

Overall, there is a lot to look forward to in High Calibre. There are a lot more changes coming than just what I just listed so I’ll look forward to another season of Siege while working on bring you the best content available!