Company of Heroes 3 is the latest installment in the iconic RTS franchise, and with it finally being released, players are quickly diving in.

With a whole new campaign and numerous iconic missions to sink your teeth into, players will be wondering what exactly is the best faction to choose.

Here's the best faction to choose in Company of Heroes 3!

Company of Heroes 3: Which Faction Is The Best To Choose?

Throughout the game you're going to quickly notice that there are four factions for players to choose from, and you'l' be able to play all of them throughout the story of the game.

These are listed below for further reference.

  • Afrikakorps: Specialists in vehicular warfare, the Afrikakorps move quickly across the battlefield and control key areas with heavy firepower.
  • British Forces: A varied force of easy-to-use Infantry, Vehicle, and weapon units, excellent for those new to Company of Heroes 3.
  • US Forces: Flexible and aggressive, the US Forces use highly adaptable units that can specialise later on to suit your needs.
  • Wehrmacht: Highly defensive, able to persist relentlessly against incoming fire while preparing to counter with powerful forces later on

While each of these have their benefits and downfalls, such as the US Forces stellar airborne and armored divisons, there's going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

Be sure to let us know which faction you've been loving playing so far within Company of Heroes 3!