Mix it up

CS:GO and Valorant have been going head to head over recent years, as the two games are considered by in and large the best tactical FPS on the market right now.

With CS:GO being released for nearly a decade at this point in time, you may be looking to move over to Valorant, or at least check it out.

But, the more important part of your CS:GO gameplay, your sens, will need to be converted as well!  

CS:GO to Valorant Sens Convertor

While there are sens convertor sites out there for all titles, the formula is rather easy to use.

You may want to use this formula or following convertor websites, as it can be a bit annoying to try out a new sens in a game, espcially one that is a tactical FPS.

With this said, if you take your CS:GO sens, you're going to want to divide it by 3.18.

This will give you your correct Valorant sens, so you won't have to tinker around with it further in the settings.