Within The Well

Bloodhound's Step is a hugely beneficial ability to have if you want to survive in Elden Ring.

The game has countless Ashes of War within the game, that are going to be vital if you're seeking to become the Elden Lord.

We're going to run over one of the best Ashes of War within the game, that'll making dodging as easy as ever!

How To Get Bloodhound's Step In Elden Ring

Bloodhound's Step is one of the numerous Ashes of War in Elden Ring, and in short, this one allows players to perform a cloaked dodge, so that their enemies won't be able to see them.

Rather powerful if you do ask us, and it's going to vital for players who are built around up close and personal combat.

Players will need to head over to Lenne's Rise, which is within the eastern portion of the map, and has some rather high level enemies.

Once there, pass the time until night, and ride along the bridge that is directly north of the Grace. This is where you'll encounter a Night Calvary mini-boss, which are scathered around certain bridges within Elden Ring.

Once you've defeated this boss, you'll be granted the Ashes of War Bloodhound's Step!