Fallout 76 has been soaring as of late with numerous updates, and the most recent DLC being released for players to jump into.

One aspect that Bethesda has kept true when it comes to Fallout titles, is the sheer amount of monsters huntable within the game.

These include Cryptid's, and we're going to runover where players will be able to find them!

Fallout 76 Cryptid Monster Locations

If you're looking to hunt down one of these monster, you better be equipped for heading to where they're located.

While they are some of the most intimidating enemies within the game, hunting them down may be useful towards certain quests, Xp and even crafting materials.

There's numerous locations where these Cryptid's spawn, and we're going to walk you through some of the locations down below thanks to


Mothman spawn locations:

  • Queen of the Hunt quest spawns a vengeful variant
  • Transmission Station 1AT-U03 in The Forest (guaranteed spawn).
  • Landview Lighthouse in the Forest region, after completing The Path to Enlightenment event
  • Focus of the Wise Mothman random encounter
  • Can randomly attack the player’s C.A.M.P


Wendigo spawn locations:

  • Wendigo cave in the Savage Divide region
  • Transmission Station 1AT-U03 in The Forest (guaranteed spawn).
  • Willard Corporate Housing in the Toxic Valley region
  • Mountainside Bed & Breakfast in the Savage Divide region
  • Road south of Abbie’s bunker, near a truck held up by vines
  • Drop site C2 in the Cranberry Bog region
  • At the end One Violent Night event (Nightstalker – special legendary Wendigo)

Grafton Monster

The Grafton Monster is a popular target for the Kill a Cryptid challenge. Its spawn locations are:

  • Grafton (Toxic Valley), during the Grafton Day event (guaranteed spawn during the event).
  • East of Charleston Capitol Building in The Forest (guaranteed spawn).
  • North of Charleston Trainyard in The Forest (guaranteed spawn).
  • Whitespring Resort (Savage Divide) in the garden between the Resport and Golf Club.
  • Around Helmock Holes (Toxic Valley) near the crashed Vertibird near Wavy Willard.
  • Final boss of the Primal Cuts event.


Sheepsquatsch spawn locations:

  • The edge of a cliff southwest of Vault 96 in the Savage Divide region
  • Up to two can make up a boss fight during the Free Range event
  • Creekside sundew grove in the Cranberry Bog region


Snallygaster spawn locations:

  • Federal disposal field HZ-21 in the Savage Divide region
  • Pylon V-13 in the Cranberry Bog region
  • Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go in the Savage Divide region
  • The Flooded Trainyard in Watago, Cranberry Bog
  • Kiddie Corner cabins in the Toxic Valley region

The Beast of Beckley

The Beast of Beckley spawn locations:

  • Janelle’s camp and Hornwright air purifier site 04. The quest “Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy” will force the spawn of this animal.

Flatwoods monster

Flatwood Monster spawn locations:

  • No fixed spawn points but can appear during the daily quests “Queen of the Hunt” and “Making Sacrifices”