The Fall

Fallout 76 has perhaps, one of the best comeback stories in video gaming, as the game was a massive let down when it was first premiered.

If you're looking to complete some of your weekly and daily challenges, than you more than likley will have to hunt down and kill cultists at some point.

Here's where to find them!

Fallout 76 Cultist Locations: Best Places To Find Them

The Cult of the Mothman has a large following within Fallout 76 and you'll more than likley run into them from time to time during missions or just exploring throughout the world.

These enemies are more dangerous than others, but will not be an issue for most of you seasoned Fallout players.

So, it's best to get situated with where you'll be able to easily find these enemies, and below are some of the locations.

  • Mothman Museum
    • Town of Point Pleasant
  • Clancy Manor
    • NE of Point Pleasant
  • Lucky Hole Mine