The Fall

Fallout 76 has perhaps, one of the best comeback stories in video gaming, as the game was a massive let down when it was first premiered.

With any Fallout title, there's a ton of weapons that Bethesda have added into the game and the War Glaive is one players will want to be on the hunt for.

How To Get The War Glaive In Fallout 76

The War Glaive is a rare melee weapon that can be found/crafted within Fallout 76, and has a rather unique method in order to obtain this weapon.

You'll be able to craft this weapon at LVL 30, 40 and 50, and players will also be able to obtain the crafting blueprint via Daily Op rewards at LVL 50 or above.

Once you've obtained this crafting plan, you'll need to use the following marterials in order to make it.

  • Aluminum (8)
  • Black titanium (10)
  • Plastic (8)
  • Spring (14)
  • Steel (15)