Have I told you the definition of Insanity?

We've seen some crazy villain's over the year's in Far Cry games, and one of these is Pagen Min.

The legendary villain from Far Cry 4 is going to be arriving soon within Far Cry 6 and you get to play as the psychopath!

This new DLC has everything players could ask for and Ubisoft has finally outlined when players will be able to dive into this DLC.

Release Date

Vaas is going to be the first villain player's will be able to dive into, and Ubisoft's website notes that it will release on the 11th of January.

The Pagen DLC pack is a part of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass, where for the first time ever, we'll be able to take control of the villains from 3, 4 and 5.

As well, if you're looking to get some insight into what exactly is coming with the DLC, check out the trailer we've embedded down below.

What Is It About?

It's an incredible bizarre and unusual way to do DLC, but one that will attract new and old Far Cry fans. It almost looks like they've been brought back from the dead for a final swan song to explore a bit more about these characters and their motivations.

It's expected that we will discover more about Pagen's backstory, his memories and potentially what motivated him to become who he is.

The experience will be fully co-op supported as well!


If you're looking to pickup the Season Pass for Far Cry 6 to gain access to the Pagen Min DLC it'll run you $39.99 USD.