Far Cry 6 is full of collectibles and side quests that enhance the experience of the game!

Over the course of your adventure in Far Cry 6, you're going to encounter some mysterious relics from time to time that you may want to stop and collect.

We're going to run over all of them within Far Cry 6, and where you can find them.

Where To Find Far Cry 6's Triada Relics  

In total, there's three relic locations around the map that you'll be able to find, and they're all in different sections of Yara as well.

The reason why you may be wanting to search for these relics is because if you happen to find all three, you'll be able to unlock one of the best weapons in the game titled Supremo backpack.

So, it's definitely worth your troubles to go out of your way to find these three relics, and through this guide, it won't be too complicated.

Each relic has it's own separate treasure hunt mission, so you'll have some sort of assistance to go hand in hand with finding them, and the relics are located in the following regions.

  • Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic
    • Located in the El Este region, look for McKay Global Drill Site D (located in the Catalina Ridge, South-West corner of La Joya and South-West of Pequeno Reservoir).
  • Oku's Triada Relic
    • Located in the Valle De Oro region, it's in the North-East region of Cruz del Salvador and East of Hideout Montuno. The relic is located East of Hideout Montuno.
  • Ida's Triada Relic
    • Located in Lunatico Caves in Madrugada. Find it in Lozania, which is in between Fuego Valley and Monjas Valley. You'll find it in Dos Monjas Mogote.

Be sure to let us know if you've found all these relics and unlocked the new weapon!