Fortnite has now released its third chapter, and with the premier of Chapter 3 Season 1, players have a whole new map to experience.

Fortnite has evolved over the years, and if you played at all during Chapter 2, you're more than aware of some of the wacky features they can add.

One aspect that isn't as wacky, and has stayed consistent over the years is challenges.

They're back once again, and we're going to run over where players will be able to find the Nutcracker within Chapter 3 Season 1.

Nutcracker Location Within Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

For those who aren't aware, during the Chapter 1 days, there was a location on the map refered to as Crackshot's Cabin, or better known as the Nutcracker.

Now, it appears this OG skin is back with their brand new crib within Chapter 3 Season 1, as this is one of the challenges players will have the choice to complete.

This little shack will have some loot on the inside and shouldn't be too complicated for players to find.

Players will simply need to head over to Logjam Lumberyard and head over directly across the lake, or south of the POI itself on the map.

This is where the Nutcracker lives within Chapter 3 Season 1!