Where are you NPCs?

Every week, new challenges are made available in Fortnite for players to complete in order to grind out their Battle Pass.

While these challenges are fairly straight forward, they do offer a lot of XP for how much time they take to complete - doing them regularly can accumulate to a lot of progress in your Battle Pass.

Chapter 3 Season 2 will release new Seasonal challenges every week - here's all of them and how to complete them!

Release Date

You can expect new Seasonal Quests to arrive every Thursday at 3pm GMT.

The next quests will arrive on the 29th April 2022.

All Daily Challenges In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Week 1 Seasonal Quests

  • Spend 500 Bars (0/500)
    • Find a Vending machine or an NPC and spend your bars by buying items or requesting services.
  • Collect a Drum Shotgun and a Combat SMG in a single match (0/2)
    • This is likely to be easiest in Team Rumble by searching chests and Supply drops. It's a bit of a luck based challenge, but if you keep your eyes peeled you should get it done fast enough.
  • Mantle on a ledge within 3 seconds of sprinting (0/3)
    • Use the sprint mechanic and jump onto a ledge - it's that simple!
  • Use the Repair Torch to fix a vehicle (0/200)
    • These can be found at garages or gas stations. Pick it up and use it on a vehicle that's taken damage.
  • Search chests on IO Airships (0/3)
    • There's an IO Airship at Condo Canyon - use the zipline to get up and open chests
  • Deal damage to IO Forces (0/500)
    • You can find IO Forces at Coney Crossroads or by any IO Airship.
  • Launch yourself 150 meters from a Siege Cannon (0/150)
    • You can find a Siege Cannon at Tilted Towers
  • Search chests or ammo boxes at named locations (0/10)
    • Head to any POI that has a name on it on the map and search chests and ammo boxes. Usually, they're in building and attics of houses.
  • Damage opponents with a shotgun or SMG (0/1000)
    • If you play enough games this is pretty easy, Team Rumble is the best spot to do this

Week 2 Seasonal Quests

  • Travel 300 meters in a tank (0/300)
    • Tanks can be found around the map, there's one on the bridge near Coney Crossroads
  • Damage opponents with an Exotic Weapon (0/150)
  • Visit Sanctuary, Tilted Towers and Command Cavern (0/3)
    • This doesn't need to be done in one game - these are located almost in line with each other, so make your way from one POI across the map to the second and third. Command Cavern is located towards the North-West of the map, towards the base of the snowy region. Tilted Towers is located in the centre of the map, below Loot Lake. The Sancatuary is in the East next to the sea.
  • Purchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher from a vending machine (0/1)
    • Vending machines are located in most POIs or near gas stations/garages
  • Destroy structures using remote explosives (0/25)
    • These can be found by looting chests and buildings. Use it to destroy any structures around, it doesn't need to be player built.
  • Collect a weapon while sliding (0/1)
    • Use the knee slide mechanic over a weapon on the ground and pick it up as you pass over.
  • Damage opponents with a Sniper Rifle (0/500)
    • Best done when playing Team Rumble as they're easy to find and gives you a lot of opportunities.
  • Search chests within 10 seconds of landing (0/3)
    • We'd recommend landing at named POIs with lots of buildings as there's lots of opportunities to find chests.

Week 3 Seasonal Quests

  • Use an Ascender at Conker's Speedway and Command Cavern (0/2)
    • TBC
  • Search chests and ammo boxes at IO Outposts (0/3)
    • Head to any location that has an IO blimp floating above it
  • Mod a vehicle with the Cow Catcher (0/1)
    • Search around high loot areas, such as Tilted Towers. Check the floor loot and chests to find a Cow Catcher. Then take it to a vehicle and throw it at the front.
  • Damage opponents from 30 or more meters with the Revolver (0/100)
    • Search around high loot areas, such as Tilted Towers. It's best to play Team Rumble due to the respawns and wait for the closing circles.
  • Deal damage to opponents at Synapse Station or The Daily Bugle (0/75)
    • The easiest time to do this is in Team Rumble, but you can't always guarantee the circle or bus drops. If you see an opponents bus pass through Daily Bugle or Synapse Station, you should jump off at this area to deal damage quickly.
  • Emote within 10m of a Character (0/1)
    • Find a character in normal Battle Royale and emote near them.
  • Gain shield by consuming foragables (0/50)
    • Head to wooded areas with trees and look for Mushrooms. Or open up produce boxes in gas stations, shops and kitchens.
  • Upgrade a weapon at an Upgrade Bench (0/1)
    • Upgrade Benches can be found at gas stations and garages.
  • Deal damage to opponents with a legendary weapon (0/150)
    • The most effectiver way to do this is to play Team Rumble, find an Upgrade Bench and upgrade your weapon until it is of Legendary Rarity.

Week 4 Seasonal Quests

  • Travel in the air with a Jetpack (0/100)
    • Jetpacks can be found in high loot areas.
  • Thank the bus driver and then finish top 25 (0/3)
    • Head to any location that has an IO blimp floating above it
  • Visit Gas Stations in a Battle Bus (0/3)
    • You can find the Battle Bus in Sanctuary or Synapse Station. Drive it from one of these locations to the central gas station and follow the road north or south to find more gas stations.
  • Get seconds of airtime after being hit by a Shockwave Grenade (0/3)
    • Jump into Team Rumble and search chests for a Shockwave Grenade.
  • Eliminate IO forces within a single match (0/3)
    • Go to any of the IO blimps in regular Battle Royale and you should be able to eliminate them as they roam around.
  • Catch or collect a Thermal Fish (0/1)
    • You'll need to go to a fishing area, like Loot Lake to fish for a Thermal one.
  • Accept a bounty from a bounty board within 30 seconds of landing (0/1)
    • Check out a list of all bounty boards in Fortnite here.
  • Deal damage to opponents with a harvesting tool (0/75)
    • Jump into Team Rumble and wait till the later circles to glide into enemies and hit them with your harvest tool. You may need to respawn a few times in order to do this.
  • Search ammo boxes at Shifty Shafts or Camp Cuddle (0/3)
    • The easiest place to do this is likely to be Shifty Shafts as it's not a popular drop point. It's also fairly central so doing it in Team Rumble makes it quite easy.

Week 5 Seasonal Quests

  • Headshot IO Forces with a sniper at Command Cavern or a battle location (3)
    • IO Forces are the NPCs on the map that fire back
  • Hit an opponent twice using the Ranger Shotgun without receiving damage (1)
  • Lock onto an opponent's vehicle and damage it with the Anvil Rocket Launcher (2)
    • Sit on top of buildings and look for tanks
  • Heal the Seven Forces with Med Mist at a battle location (1)
    • Sprint around until you find this healing item
  • Damage an opponent within 10 seconds of mantling (1)
  • Fall 10 stories or more without taking damage (1)
    • Fall from a high up distance while on a zipline
  • Damage opponent vehicles with a Heavy Sniper (600)
  • Destroy structures with a Light Machine Gun (10)
  • Gain shield from Small Shield potions in one match (75)

Week 6 Seasonal Quests

  • Deal 100 damage or more to an enemy with one bullet (1)
    • Use a sniper for this one
  • Mantle 5 times in 5 seconds (1)
  • Hit an opponent's tank with a pistol, while being crouched (200)
  • Get air time in a tank (3)
  • Throw Cabbage 100 or more meters in one toss (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents while you are falling (150)
  • With a Striker Burst Rifle, hit an opponent 4 times in a row without unscoping (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents from 30 or more meters with an AR (150)
  • Destroy structures with fire (100)