Fortnite's brand new season, or better known as Chapter 3 Season 3 has once again implemented a ton of new changes for players to check out.

During the season premier trailer, some eagle eyed fans were made aware of a new Grapple Gun used by Indian Jones.

Well, this Grapple Glove is now obtainable within the game and we're going to run over where players will be able to find it!

Fortnite Grapple Stop Locations And How To Get The Grapple Glove

The new Grapple Glove's only only useable if players head over to one of the Grapple Stop's now located around the map.

Each stop will have around two or three Grapple Gloves, and players will be able to use this item similar to how they've used The Grappler in previous seasons.

So, you'll want to test out this new weapon, as it can be a lot of fun, and they do seem a bit better than previous iterations of Grapple Gun's.

Thanks to below is where players will be able to find Grapple Stops and Grapple Gloves.