Fortnite's new 20.30 update has just arrived and with Star War's day coming on May the 4th, 2022, Epic is also celebrating the day within Fortnite.

With Lightsaber's returning once again, the E-11 Blaster has arrived, and this powerful weapon will have two forms, a normal one, and a Mythic variant.

We're going to run over how you'll be able to obtain this weapon within Fortnite!

How To Get The E-11 Star War's Blaster in Fortnite

The iconic Blaster was seen in nearly every Star War's film to some degree, and had multiple variants used by the Empire and the Rebels.

But, the one they've added into the game is the Empire version and the one used by the Stormtrooper's.

HYPEX has noted that there's two ways players will be able to obtain this weapon, and the first has players simply looting chests around the map, or purchasing them via Gold Bars through certain NPCs on the island.

The second method has to do with the Mythic E-11 Blaster, that will be obtainable via the Stormtrooper NPC, which can be via within The Sanctuary POI.