Fortnite's abundance of quests and challenges is something that has kept players enticed to play over the years, and they've come up with some creative ones this seasons.

A new set of challenges is here, and one of them will require you to throw Cabbage 100 meters!

Here's how to easily complete this challenge.

How To Throw Cabbage 100 Meters In Fortnite

Cabbage, for those who don't know is one of the many consumable items within the game that players are able to collect throughout the map.

They'll give you a little bit of health each time you consume one, and you can carry quite a few of them if you're able to find them.

This challenge is rather easy, and may take a few throws to get the correct amount. But, once you've collected some Cabbage from random spawns or food crates on the map, just head over to a high point ontop of a building or a structure you've built.

Then, simply chuck the Cabbage off the top and continue to do this until you've got the notification you've throw it 100 meters!