I'm a believer

Ariana Grande has returned to Fortnite for Fortnitemares!

Fortnite's has always been known for challenges and this time around they've partnered up with Ariana Grande to give us some unique quests to complete around the map.

As you expect, they're a little unusual but are worth your time as they have some nice rewards!

Here's how to find the Command Symbol in Fortnite.

Where To Find The Command Symbol  

The Command Symbol is the fourth out of five challenges that you'll need to complete out of the Ariana Grande set of challenges for Fortnite.

This simply requires you to hunt down this symbol somewhere on the map, and once you're able to find the Command Symbol you'll have to mimic some sort of action that appears, as it varry's from player to player.

You'll need to speak to Ariana on Believer Beach to start the Punchcard, this will reveal the Symbol on the map and you can visit one of a few locations.

There's been multiple locations reported for this Command Symbol including the following.

  • Corny Crops
  • Retail Row
  • Misty Meadows
  • Weeping Woods
  • Believer Beach

Since you're already at Believer Beach, head to the palm tree to the left of the pier.