Ooo piece of Candy!

Candy and Halloween go hand in hand, and Epic Games are blending the two together with their latest batch of challenges that player's will be able to complete in Fortnite.

Fortnitemares is bringing back some familiar quests with some great rewards to those who choose to join in with the spooky festivities.

Here's where to find and collect Candy in Fortnite!

Where To Find Candy In Fortnite  

The challenge itself is going to task the player with finding 15 pieces of candy in and around certain POIs.

The candy itself can be obtained via buckets you'll see on the ground near houses in specific locations and looting an entire POI should complete the challenge.

You'll be able to find candy at most locations with houses such as Holly Hedges, Retail Row and Pleasant Park!

All you need to do is go up to the buckets and interact with it to collect 3 pieces of candy - do this 5 times and you'll complete the Quest!