The Ghostbusters are back in Fortnite in-time for Fortnitemares!

Fortnite's Ghostbuster challenges are going to task you with some pretty crazy objectives, and one of them is going to challenge you to find and destroy some Mini-Pufts around the map.

Here's where to find and destroy them!

Where to Exterminate Mini Pufts  

Mini-Pufts are basically miniature versions of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that would appear in Ghostbusters.

So, in Fortnite there's three locations where player's will be able to find the mini version of this marshmallow; Lazy Lake, Retail Row and Sludgy Swamp.

You'll have to eliminate it with a pickaxe, and we're going to outline all the locations of the mini-puft's down below.

  • Lazy Lake - Bottom right corner of the POI, inside the BBQ next to the deckside pool
  • Retail Row - Backside of the POI, next to some bookshelves
  • Sludgy Swamp - Towards the middle, as soon as you make a turn, they will be inside this building.

To get this quest, you'll need to progress through the Ghostbusters Punchcard Quests. It seems these challenges need to be done in regular Battle Royale modes.