Your battle pass will appreciate this!

Fortnite Season 8, has been ramping out content since it was released back in September, and now players are gearing up for the tail-end of the season.

With some rumors that we may be heading into Chapter 3 within the next couple of seasons, it best you get your battle pass maxed out just in case.

Thankfully, a new XP farming method has emerged and this one will allow player's to earn over 200,000 XP for completing it.

Here's how you'll be able to accomplish this.

Fortnite XP Farming Guide

By now, most of you are aware that within new Fortnite seasons are NPCs around the map that you'll be able to talk to, and they will give you quests and other items over the course of a match.

This is where the XP farming starts, as you and three other friends will want to find and obtain Pitstop's quests within the map.

The quest is simple, as you'll simply need to fuel up a car and once this is done and if you're close. Head over to Boney Burbs and search for a hidden gas can near one of the northern shacks within the POI.

Once this is complete, drive over with your squad to Pleasant Park, and nail three mailboxes on the way for some more easy XP.

Next on our list of quests, is to head over to Charlotte, another NPC on the map, and you'll be tasked with driving and flipping one of the IO cars within the air, easy enough.

Make sure one of the player's within your party has a grenade in their inventory, and you'll then need to find and eliminate the IO guards at the base close to Pleasant Park. Once this is done, head into the base itself and loot the chest for some more XP.

Another NPC you're going to want to talk too is Madcap, who is found within Corny Crops, and the first quest you'll take part in is to destroy one of the tractors within the POI itself.

Then, harvest some mushrooms and craft a weapon of your choice, earning you more XP.

One of the last NPCs you're going to want to talk too can be found within Tomato Town and it'll be Big Mouth. For these quests, you'll just need to destroy some fridges within the POI, open chests and take some damage.

Last but not least, all you have to do now is to open one of the new Ice Chests found within the map.

If you've done all of these steps within a match and with a full party of four player's you should earn around 200,000 XP.