Fortnite's brand new season, or better known as Chapter 3 Season 3 has once again implemented a ton of new changes for players to check out.

Keeping up with the usual, there aren't any new mechanics one would say, and instead, they've gone ahead and improved some of the exsisting ones, well maybe not sliding!

Fortnite Slide Glitch Brings Back Bunny Hops

While sliding in Fortnite is a fantastic way to get around the map faster, espicially going down steep hills, a new glitch has surfaced which is allowing players to CS:GO bunny hop around the map.

Bascially, on the slightest decline of hills, players will just need to slide a little bit and than immediately cancel it, and press their jump button constantly to bunny hop.

FoxManYouTube posted the following clip on Twitter so that you can better visualize this movement, and if Epic really did intend to add this into the game, than it just got a lot crazier!

Be sure to let us know if you're able to perform this move yet.