Fortnite has been undergoing one of its best periods in recent memory, as with the new season releasing, theres a ton of content for players to check out.

Now, we're gearing up for the brand new update for the new season, and we're going to dive into all we know about Fortnite Update V23.30.

Here we go!

Release Date

The new Fortnite update drops on the 31tst January 2023 at 9AM GMT.

Update Size

Here are the file sizes for the new Fortnite update:

  • PS4 - 4.93GB
  • PS5 - 6.43 GB
  • XBOX ONE - 5.01 GB
  • XBOX SERIES X - 5.48 GB
  • PC - 9.97GB
Patch Notes
  • Hiding Prop Gallery Devices being added
  • Crowd Volume Device being added
  • New augments being added
  • New Dragon Ball skins
  • Dragon Ball themed Battle Bus
  • New Daily Quests
    • Emote at different Named Locations in the same match
    • Travel distance vertically
  • The icon for the accolade related to using the Spider-Man's Web Slingers have been re-added this update.
  • Part 3 of the Oathbound Voice Acted Questline has been added to the files.
  • A lot of the glitches with hats not properly being on skins has been patched this update
  • Epic Games made it more obvious for when you have shuffle enabled/disabled
  • You can now spawn the Jellyfish Wildlife in creative
  • Wind currents will be disabled in Battle Royale/Zero Build for the duration of v23.30.
  • The Forecast Reality Augment has been adjusted to only show the next three Storm circles after being selected, instead of showing all future Storm circles.
  • From v23.30 and onwards, Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1 Weekly Quests will no longer expire after a week. They will remain until the end of Season, meaning players can complete a set of Weekly Quests anytime until Chapter 4 Season 1's end date.
  • The Guardian Shield now blocks the Deku’s Smash ability.
  • Updated the icons for being Away/Offline
  • Epic Games has redone the avatar portraits in the friends list to now be the skins featured image
  • Epic Games has changed the UI for saving/re-naming a preset
  • Rebel and Inferno are now NPCs on the island
  • New/Re-Added Shop Tabs
    • Dragon Ball (x5)
    • Rep Your Team (x3)
    • Referees (x3)
    • Love is in The Air (x8)
    • Jonesy
    • Tales from the Animus
    • Hero Gear
    • Customize Your Hero!
    • Squad Origins
    • Styles from every season in Chapter 1
    • Squad Origins Bundles
  • SypherPK's Backbling & Pickaxe has a new variant
    • Oni's Curse (Full Reactive)
    • Sypher's Scimitar (Full Reactive)
  • The Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) items will remain in Battle Royale/Zero Build until v23.40.
  • The total memory limit for published islands is still 100K – but when you are in Create mode on your islands, you can now place and move props normally up to 115K total memory.
Bug Fixes

Here are the issues looking to be fixed in the next update:

  • General Issues
    • Players are unable to claim the Exile variation of the Mind's Eye back bling
    • Physics on Joni the Red's coat are no longer functioning.
    • Battle Hound and Molten Battle Hound Helmet visually incorrect.
    • Players are getting a blue lobby background
    • Bonus Rewards 'Pre-requisite Not Met' Issue
    • The Sparkle Specialist outfit is not reflective and shiny.
  • Battle Royale Issues
    • Fall damage when Sliding with the Shockwave Hammer
    • Unable to emote after a Victory Royale
    • Red dot missing when scoping with Red-Eye Assault Rifle
    • The "Party Time" Augment has been temporarily disabled.
    • The "Shotgun Striker" Augment is temporarily disabled.
    • The "Aerialist" Augment has been temporarily disabled.
  • Creative Issues
    • Wildlife takes fall damage with fall damage set to off
    • Placing a prop and switching to the pickaxe at the same time places an invisible prop
    • Players can build in Mutator Zone Devices with "Allow Building" set to "No" in certain instances
    • Props attached to prop manipulator devices can show in game despite the device being disabled
    • Props may turn green while selecting after placing them under terrain
    • Sequencers do not always play correctly when set to infinitely loop
    • When entering the menu, navigating the menu with a controller will send the cursor back to the top of the menu.
    • Tiles can become invisible in color switch game mode
    • Save Device may reset player scores and other stats
  • Save The World Issues
    • Terrain issues in Autumn Foothills biome
  • Mobile & Cloud Gaming Issues
    • Battle Pass button confirm sound sometimes play on an initial button press with touch
    • The Falcon Scout continues going up or down without pressing anything