The Return

Fortnite's brand new season, or better known as Chapter 3 Season 3 has once again implemented a ton of new changes for players to check out.

Keeping up with the usual, the Fortnite Item Shop is going to feature old and new skins everyday for players to spend their Vbucks that they've obtained from the battle pass.

With the kickoff of the new season, they've gone ahead and released a skin pack from a few years ago!

What's In The Fortnite Summer Legends Pack and Is It Worth It?

The Summer Legends bundle was orignally released all the way back in 2020, during the Summer months and we've barely see it return back to the item shop since.

The pack itself will run players around $20 USD when it's all said and done as well. Furthermore, the skins players will obtain are as follows.

  • Unpeely
  • Summer Fable
  • Tropical Punch Zoe

Since this skin pack is technically one of the rarest within the game, you may be enticed to pick it up and the price point isn't too bad.

But, the skins themselves aren't too nice so it can be a bit stale once you're tired of using them!