Collect Them All

Fortnite's new 20.30 update has just arrived and since the beginning of the Season, they've been consistently adding new Omni Chip's for players to find to hopefully unlock all the styles of the battle pass skin.

There's some new ones this week and we're going to run over where players will be able to find them at the Cuddle Cruisers location!

Where To Collect Omni Chips At Cuddle Cruisers In Fortnite

The Omni Sword is a unique cosmetic, giving users the chance to wield different styles for it.

Until you unlock the Omni Sword, Omni Chips will not appear in your game.

From there, once you've collected Omni Chips, you can go to the Omni Sword tab on your Battle Pass and purchase different styles with your chips.

The new batch of Chips are all at the same location, which is the Cuddle Cruisers Landmark on the eastern side of the map, hidden within a house on an island.

There's three here in total, and shouldn't take much time to find, and thanks to you can view them down below.