Fortnite's war between the IO and The Seven during this Season has been the primary focus of players for quite some time now.

With the battle all but coming to an end, when the new season releases sometime in early June, you're going to have to help out!

This is why Epic re-added the Rail Gun and Recon Scanner into the game, and we're going to run over where to find the latter.

Where To Find A Recon Scanner In Fortnite

The Recon Scanner, as the name suggests is amazing for finding out where enemies are. As the weapon fires off it's projectile into the distance, and once it lands, it'll scan the surrounding area for any enemies, chests, and more.

So, you can see why players will want to snag one of these, espicially in Arena's, where information is key!

If you're looking to find and obtain the Recon Scanner in Fortnite, you won't have to look far.

Since the weapon isn't a Exotic or Mythic one, it has a normal spawn rate within chests, and floor loot!

So, just continue playing the game and you're bound to come across one eventually.