Fortnite's brand new season, or better known as Chapter 3 Season 3 has once again implemented a ton of new changes for players to check out.

The usual in terms of new POIs, weapons and more items are here for players and there's once again, some cosmetics players will be able to unlock over the season.

While Darth Vader is here, there's another skin called "Snap" that players will be able to obtain simply by finding these tokens!

Where To Find All Tover Tokens To Unlock All Cosmetics And Assemble Snap (Fortnite Snap Quests Guide)

The Tover Tokens are directly apart of the Snap skin quest line and you'll have to find 13 sets of these in order to fully unlock the skin.

Essentially, there's a grand total of 39 around the Fortnite map you'll need to find, and we're going to run over these shortly.

The neat aspect about the Snap skin is that each token you unlock will grant you access to a brand new part to equip to the skin itself.

Down below is a full list of all the tokens we've found within the new Fortnite season thus far!

  • Bone Head: Claim base rewards (Battle Pass)
  • Pimento: Find Tover Tokens in Rave Cave (3)
  • Raw Power: Find Tover Tokens in Condo Canyon (3)
  • ‘Mato: Find Tover Tokens in Shift Shafts (3)
  • Techa-Snap: Find Tover Tokens in Sanctuary (3)
  • Sgt. Brush: Find Tover Tokens in The Ruins (3)
  • Poptop: Find Tover Tokens in Lil’ Shaftie (3)
  • Brute: Claim base rewards (Battle Pass)
  • Classic Red: Find Tover Tokens in Reality Falls (3)
  • Tenta-Classic: Find Tover Tokens in Rocky Reels (3)
  • Mechabasher: Find Tover Tokens in The Joneses (3)
  • Utility: Find Tover Tokens in Seven Outpost VII (3)
  • Trashblaster: Find Tover Tokens in Sleepy Sound (3)
  • Skelly: Find Tover Tokens in LogJam Lumberyard (3)