Unlimited Ammo

Fortnite's wide array of weapons within the game is something fans have become used to over the years.

While Chapter 3 Season 2 has a lot to offer for players, the weekly challenges have been a fantastic spot for players to dive into and grind their battle pass.

But, there's been some concern in regards to where you'll be able to find the LMG within Fortnite!

Where To Get The LMG In Fortnite

One of the new challenges that was revealed to us by leakers was to destroy structures within a match while using the LMG.

But, for those keeping track, the LMG hasn't been within the game this entire season, meaning you can't complete the challenge right now.

So, we still have to wait for the LMG to be added into the BR portion of Fortnite, as it was recently updated in the in-game files and has new sound effects to go along with it.