FromSoftware, the developers of popular titles such as Elden Ring, and the Dark Souls series have been teasing their next game for a few weeks now.

However, it appears they've given fans some sort of obvious clue with a rather strange rebranding of their website.

Here's what we know!

FromSoftware Might Be Teasing New Armored Core Game

While FromSoftware haven't released an Armored Core game since 2013, it is in fact the developer's longest running franchise, and the one that essentially got them off the ground with their first game releasing back in 1997.

Now, the FromSoftware site features Armored Core alongside the likes of Dark Souls 3 and Elden Ring, which is quite odd.

As well, when googling Elden Ring and looking for the official FromSoftware site, it instead showcased the Armored Core name on their site.

So, this could be foreshadowing the next entry into the legendary developer's wide array of titles, but it could just be a mis-step on their behalf.

We'll have to wait and see for more news!