GTA Online has been Rockstar Game's main focus over recent years, and it's been evident in recent updates that the game has put out to the player.

If you've been playing the game for a while, or you've just jumped in for the first time, there's a huge emphasis on player customization.

In terms of your in-game player, here's how to change your gender within GTA Online!

How To Change Your Gender In GTA Online

While the game offers players a ton of options in terms for customization, whether its in terms of clothing, cars, places to stay and what not, there's always been a question if you can change your players gender once you've made the final touches to their characters.

After all, maybe once you get some neat clothing options for the other gender, you may want to switch it up from time to time!

But, as of now, there's currently no ways for players to change gender in GTA Online, and this has remained the same since GTA Online premiered.

So, make sure you're confident in the one you've chose, as there's no going back!