GTA Online has been holding fans over until we hear more news regarding GTA 6, which may come sooner than some fans believe.

Rockstar has been adding a ton of new content for fans to dive into and most recently, the Criminal Enterprises update sought to sink more fans in.

Now that it's been some time since the major update has released, a new trick has emerged that has enabled players to win the Podium Car everytime within the casino!

Here's how.

How To Get The Podium Car Every Time In GTA Online 2022 (Post Criminal-Enterprises Update)

The Podium Car is the one that players will have to gamble to win within the casino, and most of the time, it's a vehicle that is rather expensive, and more notablly, fast.

The casino was added back during the Diamond Casino and Resort Update, and has been one of the best additions to the game, for players looking to test their luck within slots, blackjack or other games.

Of course, players are going to want to win the Podium Car everytime, as the wheel players will have to spin, seems a bit rigged at first, but a new glitch has emegred that allows anyone to win it each time.

This comes from BullSheepParty, who has posted a new video noting how players will be able to win this vehicle everytime they go up up the wheel.

Essentially, players will need to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go in front of the wheel
  2. Press the button to be ready
  3. Rotate your stick in a movement sorta like the number nine followed by the number six

If you do this correctly, than youi should be rewarded with the Podium Car each time, but it may take some getting used too at first!