Improve your gameplay!

The latest installment of the Halo series is always one that fans of the franchise look forward too each year. This time around, Halo Infinite is the newest entry, and it's finally arrived for players to dive into.

With many of you more than likely jumping into the game, it's going be a challenge at first glance. That's why we're going to run over some tips and tricks for Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Tips And Tricks

With this being the largest Halo released in numerous years, and the first built from the ground up on PC, there's some new mechanics players will have to get used too.

Not only is the grapple hook a treat to use, but some of the weapons within the game are going to give you a real advantage over enemies.

We're going to run over some basic tips and tricks for Halo Infinite, so that you can better your gameplay!

Find Weapons

When spawning into a match, every time you're only going to have the generic AR and Pistol to use, so you may be wondering how you'll be bale to obtain the BMR or Sniper.

All weapons spawn randomly throughout the map via loot.

You'll have to search around your base and various points around the map in order to find and use other weapons, and it's well worth your time.

Turn Off Motion Blur And Screen Shake

Perhaps one of the more annoying features within the game, both of these come enabled straight away. So, if you don't want your game moving around blurry or your screen shaking from time to time, we highly recommend turning these off right away.

With it on will hinder your performance and greatly distract you from shooting the enemy.

Melee Up Close

Season Halo players will know how strong meleeing is, but new players may not be as aware.

Whenever you're close to an enemy hit your melee key, as if they are full heath it will only take two quick hits in order to full eliminate them.

Loot and Throw Grenades

Grenades' in other titles are often overlooked, but within Infinite they're some of the best ways you'll be able to quickly decimate multiple enemies.

Other grenades such as the Plasma Grenades' can be found randomly around the map, similar to how you find weapons.

Use Vehicles When Possible

Without a doubt the strongest batch of weapons in the game is the turrets on Warthogs, and while there's other vehicles such as the Ghost .

Initially loading into a match and jumping on the back of a Warthog and going to town on an enemy team is something we cannot recommend enough to players.

Aim For The Body Then The Head To Finish Off

For most weapons, aiming at the body is the easiest thing to do and certainly most effective. Once your opponents shields are down however, you'll want to aim for the head to finish them off as this will result in a kill much quicker. It's very handy in tough fights where it's hard to tell if you're going to win the duel or not.