Fortnitemares 2021 has certainly given players a wide array of challenges to dive into, and this year Epic has been adding new quests each week. Specific ones such as the Cube Queen but we're going to focus on Hollowhead's quest line and how you'll be able to complete them.

All quests in Hollowhead's Fortnitemares 2021 challenge set

Hollowhead is a classic skin that was released quite some time ago in Fortnite, and during Fortnitemares 2021 this spooky character has received a batch of quests as apart of their questline for player's to complete.

They aren't the hardest of challenges, and taking some time to dive into this quest line will yield you some glorious XP, so that you can max out your Season 8 battle pass.

Here's all the challenges players will have to complete in order to successfully complete Hollowheads quest line in Fortnite.

  • Complete a Fortnitemares quest (1)
  • Complete a Fortnitemares quest (2)
  • Complete a Fortnitemares quest (3)
  • Complete Dark Jonesy's The Oracle Speaks Punchcard
  • Complete Ariana Grande's "Monster Hunter" Punchcard
  • Collect Candy (15)
  • Land while riding a Witch's Broomstick (5)
  • Eliminate an opponent with a Pumpkin Launcher (1)

Upon completing these quests, you'll be granted some XP along with other unlockable's such as a pickaxe, glider and loading screens.