Valorant is a game mostly about aim, as the tactical FPS has created some of the most memorable moments in gaming for us over the last year or so.

Riot's premier shooter has a lot of aspects we see in other titles such as CS:GO with the main one being one side defending bomb sites from enemies planting the Spike.

The Spike is Valorant's bomb, and if you pick it up during spawn, its good to know how to drop it within the game.

How To Drop The Spike

Its always good to know how to drop the Spike in Valorant, as there's some situations where you aren't going to want to take it with you.

For instance, if you're peeking mid on Breeze, you don't want to die while holding the spike, as then it will be terribly challenging for your team to recover the Spike with so many angles.  

So, before peeking certain angles or you just want to drop it to another teammate, players will be able to drop the Spike by cycling to the item in your inventory via the number keys or scroll wheel.

Once the Spike is selected, you simply need to press "G" in order to drop it!